Marie Bastide has followed a multidisciplinary course at Paris’ Arts Décoratifs and at Helsinki’s UIAH/TAIK, as a textile designer.

Her first free-lance jobs for design offices stimulated her creativity and desire for innovation.

During her 3 years working for Tai Ping,  she is initiated to technicality. There, she cultivates the art of detail and discovers the subtle work of creative interpretation, or how to give substance to renowned clients’ dreams, while still respecting their technical constraints.

This experience enables her to acquire a rare craftsmanship, and to practice it in a confidential domain, the one of « exceptional carpets ».

She sharpens her know-how next to great names of decoration and design, such as the Starck agency, Patricia Urquiola, India Mahdavi, and Alberto Pinto.


Bruno Borrione, whom she encounters while redeveloping the Maison Pic, suggests her to join his projects by drawing and insuring the whole production of carpets.


Now self-employed, Marie works with numerous interior designers, including Philippe Starck.

Each projects reveal themselves as opportunities to create carpets which are imprinted with the history of places, of people, while always adding a contemporary vibration to them.

Then, the carpet becomes an object of desire, always inclined to satisfy a will for novelty. It is the surprise that awakens the place, the one that animates itself within the spirit of its creator, before being mastered by the one who will have the privilege to possess it.



Professional background

FREE LANCE since novembre 2010

• Style, design, project follow-up for carpets and rugs development 


• Carpet edition for Galerie DIURNE, TAI PING carpets

TAI PING CARPETS from october 2007 to november 2010 

• Design, technical development, qualities & colors. Project follow-up

Clients: STARCK office, Alberto Pinto, Louis Vuitton, Jean Nouvel, Patricia Urquiola...


2016 Résidences Décoration N°128, P11, rugs Ladies

2015 Marie-Claire Maison web, tendances déco, Edition One, rugs Ladies

2012 Exhibition of «Pardis», outdoor carpet on «Secret du Luxe» stand for M&O fair

2012 Sales of Tap1 and Tap2 under the hammer at Drouot auctions by Audap - Mirabaud

2012 Maison Française, N°575 p.30, Ray for la Manufacture de Moroges

2011 LesEchos 2 & 3 decembre 2011 p.15, Ray for la Manufacture de Moroges

2011 Hôtel de L’industrie, Exhibition «Les Manufactures», 2 carpets shown (Ray, Tap1)

2010 Maison du Design, Exhibition DITO color consulting for the 9 projects

2009 Galerie du Prés au 6, Group Exhibition printed poster «Tête à Tête»

2007 Textile View, N°77 style, theme «Masqued»

2006 Bloom, N°15 style, theme «The Masks»

2006 Maison Française, N°543 color development for furniture project «demoiselles»

2006 Wallpaper, N°89 color development for furniture project «demoiselles»

2006 Wallpaper, N°87 color development for furniture project «demoiselles»


2011  ENSADlab, doctorat, interaction light/colour/material (Paris)

2006 Master, textile dept. UIAH / TAIK (Helsinki, Finlande)

2005 Graduaded of ENSAD, textile dept. (Paris)

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SY AAA 145m, Kiel, Germany (Philippe Starck & Nobiskrug) 2017



Signature Collection for Galerie Diurne, 9 hand knotted rugs 2018

Ladies rug «Edition One» for Tai Ping, hand tufted rug launched 2015  

Ray & Tap Tapestries, la Manufacture de Moroges, flat weaving 2012



Private appartement, One Hyde Park, London (Bruno Borrione) 2014

Villa, Lyon (Caroline Lory) 2014 



Tuileries Hotel, Paris (Atelier Phileas) 2014 

Prince de Galles Hotel, Paris (Bruno Borrione) 2013

Mercer by Edith shop, Paris (Caroline Lory) 2013

Châlet des Iles restaurant, Paris (Bruno Borrione & Caroline Lory) 2013

Dame de Pic restaurant, Paris (Bruno Borrione) 2012